Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bulldog Win


Levi HR. 3B drop lead to 6th run for us.

7-7 smells like runs for the Bulldog

Stifado, keftedes, spetsofai. All types of Greek food. Levi also throws out runner headed to 1st from LF.

Todd has a new hat. Blue #2 Nascar.

Game Updates

R Barr 2 straight foul ball catches at catcher.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pete Could Pass for Walter?

Coach as The Dude?

Phone's ringing, Dude.

Lebowski Fest Minneapolis
September 11th & 12th, 2009

Lebowski Fest rolls into Minneapolis for the first time with the Movie Party on September 11th at First Ave and the Bowling Party on September 12th at Memory Lanes!
Tickets On Sale Now!

Two tickets are available

Fri, Sep 11th - Lebowski Fest Minneapolis Movie Party - Special guests TBA. Followed by a screening of the movie. Ages 18 and over. Doors at 9:00. @ First Avenue - 29 N. 7th St, 55403.
$20 Advance / $22 Day Of

Buy Movie Party Tickets Here

Sat, Sep 12th - Lebowski Fest Minneapolis Bowling Party
- Bowling, costume, trivia and other contests. Ticket includes bowling* and shoe rental. All ages. 8pm @ Memory Lanes - 2520 26th Ave S, 55406.
$25 Advance / $30 Day of

Buy Bowling Party Tickets Here

*Bowling is general admission and not guaranteed. Bowling shoes not required with any non-dark soled shoe.
More details to come.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We kicked those babies ass?s 21 to 9. They sucked harder than linda lovelace, and they didnt even like the national anthem. commies! - Karl

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bulldog Softball- May 20 2009

May 20, 2009

Dear Diary,

Tonight was Bulldog softball!  WE WON!!!  I can't remember the exact score, but I think it was 18-10…maybe 12-8…but don't quote me on that.  We played the Habitat for Humanity team.  They were really good sports…some of them were really cute (not as cute as the Gong Hitter's pitcher though…heart him!!!)  It was SOOOO hot, Diary, 88 degrees!  Anyway, we (Karl, Michael, and Me) got there early to "scout" the other teams.  Truth be told, Diary, I was looking for boys…Karl and Michael were checking out the competition (although I think Michael has eyes for some of those Capella girls.) Anyway, the game started sooooo late, 9:40PM!!!  It was crazy!  Get this…apparently some dude from another team said "Bulldogs got nothing!" to which Coach Karl replied…"We have a keyboardist (Tyler), an A.V. team (Dave) AND a singer for the National Anthem (Tyler's Dad's Best Friend)."  WE GOT IT ALL!!! HA!!!!

Anyway, everyone played really well.  Janna was a highlight…she's SOOOO good at 3rd base (and I don't mean what you think I mean, Diary…Ha Ha!)  Levi was also a really good pitcher! Todd can throw the ball so F@$%ing FAR!!! My favorite part of the night was when Cameron said to me "is it bad that Janna is better at softball than me?" to which I replied "I'm sure you are better at a lot of things than Janna…like having a penis."  OH…and…the last call of the night was controversial…apparently, Erik might have stepped off the bag but Gordy called the runner out anyway (bulldog win!)…You know Gordy calls 'em likes he sees 'em! 

I 've got to get some sleep, Diary.  It was a late night!  'til next time!


Cam : Gordy wishes you a speedy recovery. He had a pabst with the bulldogs after the game. Oh and bdogs win again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Longfellow EPA

Here's my English Pale Ale, hand crafted using a combination of raw grain and extract home brewing techniques. This was my last bottle out the five gallons I made this winter. Initially it was suspected of giving me a four day fever but later this proved to be unfounded. Thanks to then-pregnant Alewife for living smell of the boiled malt extract and hops on brewing day. I love that smell, the aroma of accomplishment. Once you get past that first day, the effort require to home brew is non-smelly and totally manageable (this was pre-Sig).

Here's my beer geek review:

Burnt orange color (Hook 'Em Horns!). The head develops fine off white bubbles that quickly dissipate.

Citrus smell from the Cascade hops (similar to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale). Smells good!

Smoother and less spicy than Sierra Nevada. Hoppy and crisp, slightly sweet, light malt, thirst quenching. Slight yeast, more so as the bottles aged and at the bottom of the glass.

Thin. This is a session brew. Two 22 oz bottles causes a warm tingling sensation in extremities and temperal region (5.4% ABV).

Enhance head retention and creaminess. Rough up the round edges for a greater hop bite and finish without going overboard.

Next brew: Hopefully I can birth an IPA of West Coast Pale Ale in June. Next winter I'd like to make a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale clone and my first lager.

Funny: Miller Lite commercial touting it's superior taste because it's hopped 3x.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Remixed with Three Six Mafia

I have a soft spot for remixed videos featuring classic kid's programming and music with mature themes.

Alice really was Smokin on the Dro/

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching On

From 2009.05.14 Bulldog Softball 2009

Uncle Bill

From 2009.05.14 Bulldog Softball 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Final score 14-6.

2nd HR just hit by Levi.

Eric nearly starts denim fire running around the bases.

Sherri hit catcher in the head with a foul tip. Levi - just keep your head elevated.

Larry "Vagrant Superfan" is back. Dogs score much.

Live Game Updates

Stuck in traffic, I hope to share live game updates tonight with the assistance of miniature computer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interim Coach Karl: Coach, we won tonight. We have some swingin ladies on our team, good to see. Capella still sux. Bulldog rules the universe.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Man Down

Coach might not be of much use for the next month due to Epstein-Barr beating him down. Rach, can't you pull some strings for me?
According to Wikipedia, my special condition is "caused by multi-tasking and talking to girl named Morgan."

Coach's wife, I multitasked but I swear I never talked to Morgan.

Wednesday's game is at 7pm. If I am awake I can intimidate the opposition with threatened drooling.

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