Tuesday, August 2, 2005

2005 Punchy Award Categories

Rookie of the Year (Female)
Rookie of the Year (Male)
MVP (Female)
MVP (Male)
Most Improved Playa
Golden Glove Female (Top Fielder)
Golden Glove Male (Top Fielder)
Best Dressed
Fan of the Year
Biggest Shit Talker
Most Time in Chiner
Best Pregnant Player

Monday, August 1, 2005

Thanks/2005 Punchies

Thanks to Ben for putting together the game summary (see below) that meticulously describes the final game of the year. It is by far the most creative and entertaining Bulldog Blog post of the year. I’m surprised that news of the game events have been relegated solely to the blogosphere and haven’t been covered by the traditional media outlets.

Just a reminder, the 2005 Punchies (Bulldog Softball Award Dinner) will be held at Buca in downtown Minneapolis on August 11. I hope to see everyone there.

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