Monday, April 24, 2006

Season Opener This Thursday 8 pm!

Show up at the field by 7:40 pm so I can get the squad organized, make the roster, give hugs/rub downs/etc. Be considerate of the time, I don’t want to forfeit because you sat on your ass for an extra 15 minutes to finish watching that rerun of Fear Factor.

This Thursday will mark the opener of the 4th season for the Bulldog (née Donkey Punch) softball squad. There was a strong turnout at Friday’s practice and I am confident that we can be a contender this year.

We take on the hated MOMARS on April 27 at 8 pm. Again we are playing exclusively on Field #11 at Bryn Mawr (it’s the only field that’s lighted for night games).

Also, please bring a check for me in the amount of $35 to cover the cost of league registration and new softballs. Any additional funds will be allocated to the Bulldog Team Party Funraiser. If you showed up for practice, make your check out for $39 to cover the cost of batting tunnel rental.

Words of wisdom – some umps are cool. Other aren’t. Disguise your alcohol (i.e.: can cooler, plastic cup, Thermos) if you choose to indulge. For reals.

Website to Check for Game Cancel/Inclement Weather

Thursdays League #C406D
Bryn Mawr Field Field #11

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Team Practice (batting & drinking) Scheduled for Fri April 21

We will be holding our first ever team practice on Friday April 21. It will start at 6:30PM at Home Run Hitters (batting cage zone) in Golden Valley. Be on time!

If enough people respond back to me, I'll reserve us a cage or two so we don't have to share with little kids and other people that aren't as cool as us. Batting practice will be approximately 1 hour long and will be followed up by drinking practice at the Bulldog.

Bring your friends, male and female types. They might end up getting drafted for the team.

Practice your game faces. The season opener is on Thursday April 27.

Home Run Hitters
8300 10th Avenue
Golden Valley , MN

The Bulldog
2549 Lyndale Ave S

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