Monday, March 14, 2005

2005 Roster - Are you in?

I want to optimize the roster for max playing time and having at least 5 girls and 5 guys at every game. Let me know 1) if you are going to play this year and 2) if you will miss an extended number of games (ie. - have to work Thursday nights for month of July).

Saturday, March 12, 2005

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Translation: Last Game Before All-Star Break

9:15 game again this week versus Mayslack’s. I will bring a baby-sized grill if there’s anyone interested in grilling out pre-game,.

We got worked last week vs. Team Hearn aka M&I Bank. It’s the first time in my 3 years as player/coach that we’ve even be 10 run ruled. That doesn’t rule.

They had a guy like Robocop that hit the little shed beyond the left field fence. He also hit the tree beyond the left field fence. We might consider walking him in the future. Once again our base running and fielding were suspect. I blame it on the mosquitoes.

Comprehending written Pig Latin is a lot harder than oral Pig Latin.

1118 Hours Left Unit Opening Day

I registered the Bulldog this morning for the same Thursday league as last year. I have high hopes for this year, a 4-8 season at minimum. Start your spring training routine now.

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